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INVERIEXPORT – JEGAMA, as the first FOOD CENTRAL MARKET ONLINE in the world, has just reached its first year in business, we take 100 inquiries per day asking information about our company and our products, we labor 24 hours a day to meet the client’s needs.
We are developing a new area this year, as an initial pilot project in Mexico to create an Intermediation Program with the Farmers Directly, thus enabling our company to become a direct producer of our own products, meeting our client’s needs accordingly, this in order to reduce costs and distribute wealth equally amongst the folks who work the land… THE FARMERS.

This year we have created two most important mergers between The Philippines and Mexico, the first one with a gigantic Tuna Processing Plant and an Edible Oil Refinery to facilitate direct access to our consumers to first rate and high quality products with a fair price.


At Inveriexport–Jegama we have a mission, to guarantee our suppliers payment and at the same time guaranteeing sufficient and timely supplies under the best sanitary and hygienic conditions of edible products for every Buyer/Consumer from countries worldwide, counting with the support of our infrastructure as well as a large number of personnel worldwide to provide the required financial and commercial services, we have a large network of providers for the appropriate flow of products for the benefit of all involved, PRODUCERS, MERCHANTS AND CONSUMERS…
We do a thorough follow-up of every commercial transaction, as well as verification inspections of every product and production site as well as cargo loading in the product’s country of origin.

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