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INVERIEXPORT – JEGAMA has a vast experience in the area of International Financial Marketing as well as the Food Industry in general, this in great part due to the involvement in the food industry being a family tradition that started in Spain, it has been a tradition that has encompassed several generations that our family has been involved in the food industry, slaughter houses, livestock market and as a group we have all the needed background that date back several decades of years working hard in several countries with the problem of excessive intermediarism or “pseudo-brokering” (people posing as buyers, when in reality are only brokers, thus hindering our efforts to provide a real service to bonifide buyers) this is done excesesively everywhere, also with the lack of proper or insufficient commercial  infrastructure, transporting of merchandise of deficient quality, the absence of appropriate cooling/freezing facilities for merchandise needing it for the optimal conservation of fresh/frozen godos, all this added to the great deal of ill intented speculation of profiteers who monopolize products to increase the cost for the consumer.

All this having a backlash effect on the prices for the end consumer (THE HOUSEWIFE).

We are trying to bring the producer of foodstuffs as close as posible to the end buyer, this in order to create a much needed “Wold Wide ONLINE Food Central Market”, same that is much needed nowdays.

We must be conscious of the future of worldwide agriculture, livestock Industry, fish farms etc..., it’s humankind’s future that is at stake, this brings us to plan short as well as  long term objectives with a definite and total change that is a must, forcing us to see the agricultural field as “agro-industries” on its total operation, alwyas giving its products the necessary added value to make it competitive in a world market, therefore creating the much needed product transformation right at  the production centers.  
This done in Latin-America alone will allow us to continue enjoying a healthy Agriculture as well as Livestock breeding with an equilibrium based in the real distribution of the wealth for the farmland’s operators and their families, giving  a direct short-time benefit to the rest of the world due to its great production capacity and mostly due to the richness of their soil and excellent climate conditions.

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